CTY Test

The CTY Talent Search uses standardized tests to find exceptional students.


To apply for CTY programs, students must take the SCAT, STB, SAT, or ACT. We offer CTY Prep tutoring for students in San Diego planning to take these tests.


The following information is taken from the CTY website:


Grades 2-8: SCAT


The SCAT measures verbal and mathematical reasoning ability and consists of one verbal section and one quantitative section. The verbal section measures a student’s understanding of the meaning of words. The quantitative section measures a student’s understanding of fundamental number operations.



Grades 5-8: STB


CTY’s Spatial Test Battery (STB) is given via computer and can help determine a child’s spatial ability, which is the ability to understand and remember the spatial relationships among objects, manipulate images in space, and visualize how separate parts of complex physical systems interrelate. STB scores can provide an additional layer of information about a student's academic capabilities.

Grades 7-8: SAT/ACT


CTY's primary tests for students in grades seven and eight are the SAT and ACT. The SAT and ACT are standardized, nationally recognized tests administered throughout the US and abroad. Both objectively measure the reading and mathematical abilities that a student has developed within and outside of school. 



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