Compass USA / Columbus Junior


Columbus Junior is a life-changing study-abroad program for elementary to high school students.

F1 Premium Long-Term Study Abroad


Our long-term study abroad program allows international students an immersive English language experience. Students who choose to participate in long-term study abroad will be able to attend excellent American schools and extracurricular programs.

compass usa / columbus junior offers: 

High-quality schools

Accelerated English and academic programs

College consulting

John Hopkins CTY camp

Math Olympiad, Test Prep classes

Attentive student care

Short-Term Study Abroad


Our short-term study abroad programs are ideal for students who want the immersive experience without being absent from school in their home country. Our short-term programs take place during the summer and winter holidays. Students can make use of their holiday time to improve their English while gaining new experiences abroad.


Our short-term study programs offer

  • Summer & Winter camp and schooling

  • Deep English immersion program

  • High quality education at top schools

  • Tutoring personalized to skill level

  • English presentations

  • Regular journal and essay writing

Host a Student


Hosting an international student is a great opportunity for both the student and the host family. By hosting a student, you will have the unique chance to make a student feel at home in American culture, as well as the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of a foreign culture.


+ A life-changing experience in your own home

+ Befriend students from around the world

+ Deeper understanding of international cultures

+ Introduce a student to daily American life

Want to host a student? Email us

Study Abroad with Parents

Parents who wish to accompany their children abroad can do so in our unique program. We assist parents in making arrangements for all aspects of their living situation abroad, including housing arrangements, attaining the necessary Visa, and airport pick-up & drop-off. We want to make sure parents and students have a comfortable experience settling down in another country.

  • Full assistance with settling in, e.g. car rental, housing

  • Help with F1 & F2 Visa process

  • One-stop service from arrival to departure

  • Reputable school districts